Shipping ‘extremely ill-prepared’ for IMO 2020

Shipping ‘extremely ill-prepared’ for IMO 2020

18 Sep 2019

Shipowners and operators are urged to immediately execute their respective Ship Implementation Plan (SIP) to prepare for the 2020 fuel sulphur regulation which is less than four months away.

The non-mandatory SIP, prepared by the IMO to assist owners on the use of compliant 0.5% sulphur fuel, can be filled in to help them plan and demonstrate the steps taken by ships when using the low sulphur bunkers from 1 January 2020. While major owners have publicly announced their plans to comply with IMO 2020 this is not the case for the wider industry. “We urge all operators to have that implementation plan,” said Ian Adams, executive director of Clean Shipping Alliance (CSA) 2020. Douglas Raitt, global FOBAS manager at Lloyd’s Register, said: “The shipping industry is extremely ill-prepared. Even this week owners are asking me to help them do the SIP – about three months before 2020. Not possible.”

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