Nakashima Propeller Co Ltd

Nakashima Propeller plays the central role of the Nakashima Group and has a long history of build-to-order production. Nakashima Propeller has been producing unique custom-made propellers, each of which is one and only product in the world, in response to its customers. Meanwhile, the Nakashima Group has been expanding the technology and concept of this build-to-order production system cultivated by the manufacture of propellers, and applying them to a variety of fields including the medical, life, and environmental fields.
The Nakashima Group has the action assignment of responding to the diversified needs of each customer. In pursuit of the newest optimization, the Nakashima Group is aiming for the realization of infinite possibilities beyond stereotypes.
Nakashima Group's brand slogan "We Go Beyond" expresses its strong wish of realizing what has not been realized or accomplished by anyone in the past. It is Nakashima Group's promise to respond to the expectation and relia...

Joto-Kitagata, Higashi-Ku

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