Eastern Industrial, Corp

To value of our customers,
Eastern Industrial Company is specialized in weaving and knitting and design, development and manufacture of industrial webbing.
Main products include Nylon, Polyester and Polypropylene webbing for lifting sling, cargo restraints, safety harnesses, automotive industrial and commercial bag containment.

We have spread out our business to all over the countries and getting good reputation and our technical engineering experience has over 12 years and can design
accordance customer required one.

Our main product are;

  • Polyester Sling webbing : 1" -12" (25mm~300mm), S.F=5:1, 6:1 & 7:1
  • Polyester Cargo Tiedownwebbing : 1" -4" (25mm~100mm)
  • Safety harness webbing : 30mm, 1-3/4"
  • Tear webbing (Shock Absorber) : ANSI & CE
  • Automotive seat belt webbing:
  • Polypropylene webbing : Light duty & Heavy duty
  • Round Sling
  • Sleeve webbing & Core webbing
  • Industrial webbing

    Sub-products are
  • Rarchet buckle and fitting
  • Rigging and forged hook
  • Wire rope accessaries

3F Sang-Sang Bldg., 14-25
Gongneungro 35-gil, Nowon-Gu
Korea, Republic of

Lifting Sling

Lifting Sling

1. Easy use combined with industrial riggings for its lightness and flexibility.
2. Ultra indurative material secures the durability.
3. Classified by COLOR CODE to avoid misusages.
4. Able to satisfy various customers' request including size, length and usage.
5. Strong resistant against ...

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Polypropylene Webbing

Polypropylene Webbing

n 1957, Firstly mass-produced in Italy . The lightest and the most economic synthetic filament, Once called as "Dream Fiber" thanks to the good properties, light, strong and the lowest price. And now Widely used for the industrial purposes as the substitute for Nylon & polyester filament.

  • Easy Colo...
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    Round Sling

    Round Sling

    Polyester round sling with single ply woven haevy sleeve.

    > Technical spenifications
    * Color coded according to DIN-EN 1492-2
    * Capacity stripes: each stripe is equal to 1tonne capacity.

    ⊙ Material : 100% Polyester (cover & core yarn)
    ⊙ Safety factor : 7:1 or 6:1
    ⊙ Se...

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    Seat Belt Webbing

    Seat Belt Webbing

    Material :Polyester High Tenacity Yarn
    Width: 48mm (18.87")
    Break Strength : Min 2,900kgs & Min 6,000lbs
    Elongation: 6~8 or 12~14 accordance customer required one
    Resistance to abrasion: 80%
    Energy Absorption : Above 55%
    Resistance to low temperature: above 90% of tensile strengt...

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    Tear Webbing | Shock Absorber

    Tear Webbing | Shock Absorber

    This Tear (shock absorber) webbing be designed to absorber energy of fall and protect heavy injure of body, so it has high strength and good enlogation to withstand high pressure.
    We have 2 basic standard Tear webbing, which one is ANSI regulation and another is CE one.

    Our tear webbing are us...

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    Tiedown | Cargo Lashing

    Tiedown | Cargo Lashing

    1. A wide range of selection from various colors and width.
    2. Easy use with auto length adjustment and buckle click.
    3. Less damage to the cargo on load.
    4. Ultra indurative material secures the durability.
    5. Able to protect from damages by using appropriate hookes(fitting) by characteri...

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